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[Vetiver Grass / Grow Vetiver ] Our New Plantation

We'll Be Moving the Plantation

Give me land to grow our grass.

Vetiver versatility: bioengioneering...and face masks.

500 vetiver plants ready to go

Planting Vetiver on a Slope : Video

Our current nursery rig

Landscaping with Vetiver

Landscaping with Potted Vetiver

Vetiver planted along retaining walls

Planting Vetiver in times of drought on the Western Downs of Queensland

Pairing Vetiver with Food Plants

Vetiver: Introduction Packs now available.

Vetiver roots = Vetiver oil.

Waiting for the Summer Rains along the beach

Seeding Trays Over Winter

Down by the Sea Side

Vetiver as Fodder & Forage

Vetiver Forage/Fodder Project -- Qld Western Downs

Vetiver grass arrives at the tiny farm