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Vetiver Grass Planting into Sandbags

Signage on the seashore

One year on: Vetiver on the foreshore

Seaside Gallery: Vetiver in action.

Updating on the seaside hedges

Finally: some real progress on the coast

Update on beach erosion project.

Vetiver in the shoreline mix

SEASHORE: Vetiver is surviving. Still going strong!

Coastal Project: Planting Vetiver Hedges into Sand

By the seaside

Vetiver planted along retaining walls

Vetiver: Introduction Packs now available.

Vetiver slips booked in to a good home by the seashore

Waiting for the Summer Rains along the beach

The next seashore challenge ...while we wait.

The Curse of the Sheoak

Down by the Sea Side

The Hedges on the Shoreline

Coastal Project #2 : May 5, 2019