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3 Tillers

Buy Vetiver Grass in Brisbane Region

The GrowVetiver offers bare rooted plants for $0.90c each depending on supply.
That's  with a minimum of 2 tillers -- ie:shoots -- per plant...
To order, please email us or see contact details.

Supply can be seasonal. Orders in large quantities, if accepted, may take  up to 4 weeks to fill as stock is grown to the first 'flush' after harvest before offering for sale.

Postage & Payment
Boxed for Posting

Postage rates on request:
  • $16 postage for a quantity of 50 plants. 
  • To post 100 plants costs $20. 
  • Other postal rates on application.

Payment by cash, bank transfer or with PayPal.

See Nursery for further information about how we grow  our Vetiver.

Conservation, Erosion Control and Land Management

We can also advise you on your planting options for using Vetiver grass  as well as plant out your Vetiver hedges for you.
For on site jobs we charge $35 per hour. We also do other land management tasks.
Our primary conservation focus is  on the application of Vetiver Grass to erosion control in coastal environments.

  • A Vetiver slip is a propagation piece of Vetiver Grass which represents a small individual plant. 
  • A tiller is a living or actively growing shoot of grass leaf or stem. 
  • A quality Vetiver slip has 2-3 tillers and a piece of crown (where the shoots grow from).
10 slips per pack.