After you plant your Vetiver slips.


Here at GrowVetiver we appreciate feedback. So after you receive your plants please don't hesitate to ask us any further questions about your use of them.

We also would love to share photos here of your use of Vetiver. that way we can get a better idea of how well the plants are performing in various contexts.

If you have postage or supply issues, also get back to us ASAP.

Generally, hedge planting success under a range of conditions is at least a 80% survival rate. (Thats' been researched) Of course, there are many factors involved in the plants' success-- you need to make sure neglect isn't one of them. Nor assume that a plant has died, when it is really just dormant.

Trust us on this: Vetiver is good at playing possum. And we've planted thousands of Vetiver slips over several years and through all seasons.

So don't go pulling up the plant to check its roots. Leave it alone so that the Zombie plant can come back to life in its own good time.

We find that if the slip has a quality root structure and comes from a healthy clump that has grown without stress --such as from lack of water -- it is sure to perform well. Our skill is deciding on those attributes when we grow and, later,  divide a clump.