We'll Be Moving the Plantation


We decided that GrowVetiver has outlived its current growing leasehold. So we went looking for more land that we can expand our plantation on. 

We sure found it!

Talk about landing on your feet. We'll be putting down our  roots on a new plot of soil not very far from where we are now.

It has water. Great soil. Carbon rich. Moist. Easy access.Wonderful landlords.

We're delighted.  

Our plan is to uproot and shift our nursery in September. That's sure to be one big logistical headache, as we'll be expanding the area under cultivation by a factor of at least five. That's digging up, moving, dividing and planting.

To state the obvious: we'll not run out of stock again! That's our major handicap. For us, demand outstrips supply every year.

This is a major expansion of our Vetiver project, but all indications are promoting optimism on our part. We can expect to go quickly from a supply base of 5,000 to 30,000...then to 100,000+ plants.

Yesiree, that's serious  horticulture.