Green Leaf Powder

We're making up another batch of Green Leaf Powder from plants we grow.
Sprinkled on whatever, they make for a great nutritional hit. A teaspoon or two here or there is a great substitute to preparing the plants from their just-picked state.
While the Chaya is pre-boiled the only processing is washing, drying and grinding --and everything is prepped quickly after harvest.
Once the final blend is completed, I have local orders pending for the powder.
It's a form of CSA -- Community Supported Agriculture.
Although, this seasonal harvest (April, 2022) I doubt that I will be able to fulfil demand.
Good thing is that a few grams of this stuff lasts a long time when doled out via spoonfuls.
As to the efficacy of the leaves in the mix, I suggest people do their own research.
Botanical names on the left. 'Common' names on the right.
In my experience, the powder is tasteless.
Generally, from its fresh-picked state, the ratio for this harvest is roughly equal parts of each plant-- dried, combined and powdered.