Growing Chaya


You may know that we run a Vetiver Grass nursery. While we are on the cusp of expanding the amount of land we have under cultivation, a subsidiary activity may have a dynamic that will allow for some diversification: growing Chaya.

Already we have been supplying a few individuals with plant stock. A major retail nursery has even requested cuttings -- but for now I'm trying to quickly advance the number of trees I have growing.
Today we processed a harvest of leaves into dried powder and was surprised at the quantity produced.
Hopefully, once we reach a take-off point we'll be able to offer cuttings, fresh leaves and dried leaf powder.
Please don't go pestering me for stock, as we need to grow on everything we now have. If you do your Chaya Googling you're in for a surprise.
Other so-called 'miracle' plants -- like Kale or Moringa --are handicapped by their poor taste. That's not the case with Chaya once it is prepared.
[At left, one of our Chaya offspring growing in Cairns]

 Here is a comparison chart for Chaya: