Nursery Notes


The weather has been kind to our Vetiver clumps. Such that we have filled a couple of bespoke orders after a sample harvest.

Wonderful quality of the slips we got through division. While we do postage -- we need to settle on a better method of sending large orders. That is, orders for over 100 slips.

We standardly use Australia Post  because it's local and reliable. 

The boxes we use hold 100 plants and come in at around 4-4.5 kgm. 

Vetiver, for its part, travels extremely well boxed up. 

We have also tweaked our 'bringing-on' nursery protocol -- that is, what we do with the plants after we divide them.  I'll show folk the DIY in the next video we publish. That's' important for how you handle your Vetiver slips once you get them.