Sprinter arrives at the plantation.

As a Winter here in the sub tropics, it has been unusually wet. Vetiver is not so keen on the colder weather. But our season or orders has already begun, and we are looking forward to a September harvest and division. 

The weather is now warming, so it's Sprinter rather than Spring or Winter.

Laying down mulch for our Spring planting.
The plants have done well, and it is always presumptuous to call out any death toll.

We had no special need to worry about irrigation as the weather -- and the water table -- has been kind to us. 

After a wet Winter here in South East Queensland the Vetiver has done well despite the chill.
The water table on our plantation is consistently high and we've had very little need to irrigate.
Mulching has made a huge difference to management. While we have hard wood purchased chip mulches, most of the coverage is waste from tree trimming companies who service the local community.
The cardboard comes from dumpster diving at the local shops. We lay that down first then spread the mulch on top.
Planting requires the use of an augur.
The IBCs are our Plan B if/when we cannot access bore water. The black barrel is a noise suppressor for our pump in order to keep the neighbours undisturbed.
Mowed, just under an acre, the block is used as a transit space by the neighbourhood. We do the lawn mowing and keep it trimmed and neat.