Completed planting out for the first part of the year


Completed planting out for  the first part of the year -- just in time for an official winter to kick in.

It may be fresh at night, but the days can be balmy. The winters here are dry -- so that really is their primary marker. Frosts are rare and Vetiver doesn't like frosts.

Inasmuch as it is reflective of our dirt, the soil temperature  along the bay coast  is 16 C at the surface and a cosy 20C a metre deep. 

Vetiver stops growing at an air temp of 5C so we expect growth over the next few months despite the cooler weather. Leaves will turn a rusty brown.

Since our plantation is in cooee of our homes, I've got myself an e-bike for commuting. With my old cart attached, it serves as a cargo bike, ferrying tools and plant stock to and fro. 

Because our remaining stock was packaged for orders we had stored in large buckets, tied in bundles of 10.  we can fot 150 slips in a bucket. 

But note the complication: new roots entwine with one another and need to be separated for planting. This is why we use individual cell tray for Vetiver slips and divisions.