Using augurs to plant Vetiver slips


Today we planted a large number of Vetiver slips in double quick time using augurs attached to power drills.

No ifs or buts -- the augur was so easy and efficient.
If you have a rechargeable drill, get yourself an augur for planting out in tough soil or, in our case, through a thick mulch layer.
Soil profile: sandy with some clay. 
[We throw some sheep manure on top of the Vetiver after it is planted in the hole, then water it in.]
I'm not sure what other practices are followed for planting out slips elsewhere but if you can keep up with recharged batteries, this is easy work. And I recommend the option.
[Note the spaced and gradated measure poles.]
We started with a long augur and found it cumbersome for the hole depth we sought and the challenge of succession drilling, so we switched to smaller size -- despite the bending requirement (as you can see in the photos). Once down or bent over you can insert several holes before moving on if your spacing is close enough.Portable rechargeable battery packs are quite powerful nowadays, and the drill can be used for other non-horticultural tasks.