Vetiver Grass Planting into Sandbags

We are dealing with a planting challenge along the Moreton Bay foreshore. 

There's been a major erosion event at one property despite the laying down of a rock wall. Much of any dirt behind the stones has been washed away and the soil and sand composition is unstable.

Indeed there is nothing to plant into.

So here's the trick: planting Vetiver slips into hessian sandbags. 

While this is an experiment for us, we've filled the sandbag with a 1:1 sand and soil mix with manure supplementation.

You need the sand to hold the bag down where you place it. The hessian is porous, and soon enough rots away as the Vetiver consolidates its rooting activity and grows  through the bottom of the bag. 

You could also build a wall of sand bags with this blend and grow Vetiver from the top down. Like making a levee.

Hessian bags are $2 . The plastic ones are cheaper and no doubt any bag is much cheaper if bought in quantity. 

But plastic on the shoreline? No way!

The bag in the blue box at the top of the image has been growing Vetiver for 4 months and is already rotting away.