We are dividing...! However...

Fresh divided Vetiver slips: From August 20th.

Now that the warmer weather has begun we have started to divide our plants for tiller rooting. Unfortunately we have an obscene number of back orders.

We have orders of 100s and of 1000s, so folk may be waiting some time before we can fill their requests.

We also have obtained more land to use as a nursery and we have to allocate planting stock for that. That's our paddock pictured at right. 

Lots of room to grow in.

While we may get another division in before the end of the year, we expect many more plants to be available in early 2021.

I confess to over estimating growth rates during the cooler months -- May to August. Division wasn't feasible at those temperatures.

To fill you in: we divide the plants then bring them on for a month or so that they can grow new shoots and roots. That way we know that the slip is very much alive when you get it for planting out. 

We have always been stressed by demand, but by next year -- touch wood -- we will be growing in such clump numbers that we will be able to supply thousands on call. For now, we are limited. 

This season, we are also dividing and  growing-on taller specimens -- 30 cm high -- because the shorter slips we were cutting proved vulnerable on occasion to too much moisture. That may complicate our postal charges, as our parcels will need to be bigger and heavier for the same number of plants.