Give me land to grow our grass.

After some keen searching, and a friend's tip off, we now have more land to expand our Vetiver nursery-ing.
Almost half an acre!
The picture above is our new plantation 'space' -- everything inside the white line.
We don't have the planting stock yet as it is still the cool time of year, but the new patch allows us plenty of room to grow thousands more plants.
We also needed to tool up so we've purchased some more equipment which, in Vetiver's case, means we can irrigate from a water tank on a ute.
This rig also enables us to bring in extra equipment, mulch loads and more plants for planting jobs.
The quickened scale up is essential because demand has outstretched our ability to supply. While we wait impatiently for the Vetiver to grow to harvest, we are drowning in b
ack orders.
So bear with us folks: we are doing our best -- but Mother Nature has her own schedule.
Last season was almost frenzied at times. The popularity of our Vetiver slips was way beyond our expectations.
I'm not sure when we'll be able to begin harvesting again. 'Spring' is the date in my head. I was hoping 'August' but I doubt that the warmth will be there to ensure fast enough  growth.
we are still hampered by cold overnight temperatures like down to 10C and 9C.
Vetiver stops growing/goes dormant at 5C.