I wanted to introduce a new word into English or whatever language wants it.
The definition of the word is: 'a person who uses or grows Vetiver.'
Here's where any Spanish speakers can help as the word I want to coin is 'Vetiverista'.
Is there another word that may suit?

'He is a keen Vetiverista, and grows it outback'.
'A whole family of Vetiveristas just moved in next door.'
'Don't look now but the person who just walked in is a Vetiverista -- so don't go mentioning erosion or we won't be able to shut him up.'
'He lies Dave Riley: family man, raconteur, and Vetiverista. While alive he put down deep roots.'
I can imagine the logo, maybe a badge. The t-shirt has to be on the list too....
So many Vetiver ventures....