End of season and we're sold out.

When we began the nursery we thought it would be a sideline hobby servicing our evangelical passion for Vetiver.
That was ten months ago.
We certainly did not expect that our plants would be so popular.
It has been a major task keeping up with demand.
While we have planted out a few projects over the period, all coastal, our major activity has been nursery production and sales.
Unfortunately, if our current plant orders proceed, we'll be out of stock by Easter.
In the midst of a major lockdown because of Covid-19, it is a strange feeling. However, we'll need the cooler months to replenish our stock by planting out more slips for Spring harvesting.
Last year it was a hard ask because we were in Drought. Although the cooler months are usually the driest, we don't expect to have as rough a time as we did growing plants during winter last year.
Generally here in the sub tropics the end of April should be the last opportunity to plant out Vetiver for erosion control as the plant's growth will slow down during May, June and July.
That doesn't mean you can't plant them -- only that they'll be slower to grow.
Here Winter temps are roughly 21C average highs and 11C average lows which are in Vetiver's comfort zone.
As it was, despite the drought, we were supplying and selling plants by August last year as we built up our nursery stocks during those cooler months.
At the moment we need to encourage our plants to send up tillers. We may harvest & divide  them sooner than other Vetiver nurseries, but we get a more viable plant that way. 
We think our 'system' of division and 'bringing on'  fosters reliable slips than simply dividing and replanting them.
Actually we just don't 'think' -- we know.
Our method is also cheaper and less wasteful than potting up plants in separate containers.
Indeed when you buy Vetiver from us, you are not paying for the plant at all. You are instead paying for the labour we invest in the plant.
And we're not greedy.