Our current nursery rig

Our current nursery rig.
After primary division we bring on the Vetiver by dipping the slips in composted cow manure.
The divisions are then inserted into cells -- 40 cells per tray -- and the trays are placed in bread crates (5 trays per crate totally 195 plants*) which have been covered with waterproof tarp.
While the frogs appreciate the setup, I'm trying to keep mosquito numbers down and encourage microbial activity by floating Azolla (water fern) in the water.
The plants spend a minimum of 4 weeks in these crates.
We used to divide the Vetiver clumps then plant out directly, but soon found that in the harsh conditions here, there was a much better success rate if the divisions are brought on to the first flush and new roots and tillers have consolidated before transplanting.
There are 2 crates in the picture: one with 195 plants plus another with 61 : easy inventory.
The divided slips are 3 weeks old.

*One in 5 trays need to be trimmed to 35 cells.