SEASHORE: Vetiver is surviving. Still going strong!

I'm impressed with the way these Vetiver have survived  the conditions. The heat has been significant. November rainfall was well below average in the Greater Brisbane area, with some locations reporting their lowest total November rainfall on record, or their lowest total November rainfall in several decades.
Here on the shoreline we  did get  thunderstorms in  the second week of December ... but nothing since.
The difference between site  A (top left image) and site B (the other two photographs) -- aside from being in separate locations 150 metres apart -- is that we have improved our nursery protocols and now grow a more resilient, quicker-to-flush, plant with a much higher survival rate.
Being a Vetiver Nursery person is an art.
So A was planted with better stock than B.
I'm delighted that we can not only create a quality slip but do that while keeping the price down.