Azolla with Vetiver

Pondlife moves on...and up. Them cane toads aren't wanted!
So any exposed water source is elevated. Birds prefer it that way too.
Since I 'grow on' my Vetiver slips in bread trays, covered with waterproof plastic and filled with water-- the Marsh Frogs have also occupied these waterbeds too.
Which got me thinking about mosies  and other possibilities.
So I'm planning on cultivating Azolla to not only share the trays with Vetiver but to also feed my chooks and supply specialty mulch.
It's easy to grow Azolla but to do it as a conscious focus, calls for its own special 'pond'.
If I set aside a bread tray or too and stand the trays above ground  in semi shade-- out of cane toad reach -- I'm in the Azolla business, like this:
Since I'm also growing Vetiver as shade and coolant in water next to my security screen wall, Azolla will be very useful growing in those pots too.
Just think of it: an exposed water surface growing Vetiver coated with Azolla. Breeze flow around the pot sides (preferably terracotta or ceramic), over the Azolla blanket and between the Vetivers tillers.
More watering holes.