''Tis a versatile plant.

If perchance, you may have come upon the Chauka System of water harvesting...
It's a formal swale & hole system for semi flat land. Very effective against drought conditions apparently. In Africa  a similar technique is deployed with crescent shaped holes.
Us Vetiveristas discussed this and it was pointed out that the Vetiver System would be 'as effective' in recharging ground water and far less costly.
Now that I'm growing plant numbers in the thousands I can begin to experiment further.
Indeed the principles of rain water harvesting projected in the above image are easily reproduced by planting out Vetiver hedges in same or similar patterns. Instead of digging square holes, for instance, you'd plant a crescent shaped hedge.
This morning I harvested mulch from the Vetiver maze at the school garden. The kids will spread it as they have done so before among recently planted out seedlings.
At my offsprings' place I'm working on a drainage issue from the roof tank and will plant Vetiver both to harvest and re-direct the water flow. In Vietnam, near Hanoi, Tho Ngo is having great success planting fruit or nut trees in the same hole as Vetiver slips. The V is wicking water to the saplings.
I tells ya, 'tis a versatile plant.
Next week we're planting Vetiver hedges for forage and to combat run off  in drought ravaged Western Downs.