Vetiver: Introduction Packs now available.

Now that the harvest is proceeding I can begin to supply Vetiver slips so that they can be planted out before the onset of the cyclone season from February next year. If you suffer from erosion or wash out, now is the time to plant.
The recent rain makes it a good time to plant.
To order, please phone 0499 728 372 (or see contact details).

The Vetiver System has many uses for: soil and water conservation, soil moisture improvement, groundwater recharge, recycling soil nutrients, pest control, mulch, forage, clean up of agricultural contaminated waste water, protection of infrastructure (canals, drains, roads, and building sites). The Vetiver can reduce soil loss from farm land by as much as 90% and will reduce rainfall runoff by as much as 70%, thus significantly increasing the effective rainfall available to crops. The impact goes further - groundwater is recharged to the extent that ephemeral streams flow longer and stronger, wetlands are rejuvenated, wild life habitat is improved and soil fertility improves - resulting in increased crop yields that have been measured as much as 40%.TVNI