The Nursery and Vetiver 'model' Kitchen Garden

Vetiver slips in foreground. Garden beds hedged in Vetiver
With the warmer weather, I've rejigged the Vetiver nursery management so that I can enter production.
I now have a stock of 600 plants/slips and hope to quickly move to doubling that as I harvest and divide some old clumps.
Each tray has 200 cells/200 slips growing.It is an easy way to keep stock.
The cell system of 'potting up' works very well and the Vetiver slips are thriving.
I have mother clumps and from these I divide out the slips before bringing them on to their first flush.
As a method it works extremely well. Faster. More efficient. Reliable -- and cheaper than other approaches. With, in the end, a healthy plant with good leaf and root development.
In this image: 400 plants.
With these protocols in place I'm able to finally get a realistic-- and very fair -- approach to pricing.  I also expect that I'll be flexible and sustained enough to fill orders with one month turn arounds.