200 cells/200 slips per tray

As the weather changes -- albeit, so far, minus the rain -- I can get down and dirty into the business of division.  Not the easiest task as I'm harvesting from clumps that are 18 months old ...so they are big.
Once out of the ground the art of division kicks in  -- and dividing Vetiver is a core skill.
You want divisions that are long term sustainable.
I'm now separating the divisions into these 40 cell trays then squeezing 5 of these trays into crates  covered with heavy duty tarpaulin.
Easy maintenance means reduced costs and transporting in 200 lots makes for efficiency gains. On site, the 200 slips can be ported in 40 cell blocks.
No need for individual pots. No plastic packaging to fly away. Totally recyclable. System of tiller division & separate growth  already established.