The next seashore challenge ...while we wait.

Waiting for Vetiver to flush is like watching a pot boil.
But here is the next job pending...
Foreshore facing due east exposed to prevailing everything on sand.
The last King Tide has bitten into this embankment so it's Vetiver to the rescue. 
A staggered line should do once there has been fill laid down -- hopefully behind some padding like hessian.
For the moment I don't have any plants while I wait on NATURE to come through before I can start dividing.

As well the countryside (image below) waits for a plant out.
Still gripped by drought on marginal country west of Dalby , the hope is to plant out this paddock with Vetiver for cattle forage under managed intensive rotational grazing protocols.
But Vetiver will need water to get going...2-3 weeks of attention if there is no rain.
Those we planted previouslty near the farmhouse have survived (I think?) the brutal dryness and the chill (-3C when last we visited) and frosts-- so we can but hope. 
Chrysopogon zizanioides has a CV that has such promise of survival.
Dry coarse grass but no nutrition except wee plants hidden among all this.Paddock fit for Vetiver