The Curse of the Sheoak

Nothing matches the murmur of the wind through a grove of Sheoaks. Indeed, Coastal Sheoak (Casuarina equisetifolia) may be the most common tree in Beachmere bush areas and along the coastline.

But there is a price.
Elsewhere around the world is is treated as a weed. 
Sheoaks suppress other plants and don't perform well in the fight against erosion.
A large grove of Sheoaks are usually birdlife hostile. That's why they have been planted around the Brisbane airport.
No one want birdstrike when they're flying off to visit grandma. 
But anyone who has walked the beaches of Beachmere, Bribie or Moreton Island knows -- these trees uproot and fall over like so many disheveled  dominoes.
If you want to hang onto your share of the sandpit, maybe reconsider and plant the wonderful Pandanus instead.