Vetiver Forage/Fodder Project -- Qld Western Downs

In early Autumn we planted out  a small number of Vetiver slips in a cattle property located in the Western Downs.
Given that the area is suffering from  a relentlessly brutal drought it was asking a lot from the Vetiver to grow on such marginal land.
Visiting again, in time for the Winter Solstice,  it was pleasing to see that the plants have survived -- despite morning temperatures of -3C and frosts.
We divided up most of them, and planted the slips in other locations. 
Hidden in the 'wood pile' images at bottom left, are Vetiver plants buried so that the homestead dogs don't dig them up.  
When the weather warms up, and rain falls(!?) we'll return and plant out Vetiver for livetsock foraging. 
The cattle are managed under protocols of Cell/Holistic Grazing which should suit Vetiver's growth rates. Any cut grass can be used as fodder. Even when cut very dry, cattle should eat it if mixed with molasses.