The Hedges on the Shoreline

I had not given a clear perspective of the challenging context of our current coastal Vetiver planting.
Here's a broader view of the hedgerows.The top photo is taken looking north.
South of this spot, residents have just spent thousands of dollars  laying down rock walls after Cyclone Oma stripped the foreshore of so much sand.
Unfortunately once you wall up, you lose your beach at high tide as the surges create turbulence at the base of the rock tumble and undermine any sand  that accumulates there.
While mangroves are the preferred weapon against the sea  this section of beach has been devoid of them  in living memory.
The dead SheOak 2 metres in front of the embankment, is  an indication of what used to be an old shoreline. 
[Click on image for enlarged view]
Looking north along the same section of beach, 9 years ago. Much fringing tree and brush cover has been lost and the sand has flattened and been shifted.