Sickles for Cutting Vetiver

A small sickle is an essential Vetiver tool. 
Other tools -- like clippers -- are cumbersome and encourage repetitive strain injury to the wrist and elbows. 
With sickles you can gather the grass clump in one hand before cutting with the other. Nothing drops to the ground unless you want it to.
I just took delivery of  three Tramontina sickles which have a seriously keen serrated blade and a good handle that looks like it will stay in place.
Cheaper sickles, like past ones I've owned, will pivot about inside their handle from use. Serration is essential as when you pull back the sickle does the cutting for you without requiring exertion or sawing effort.
Tramontina is a Brazilian manufacturer and these  can be purchased online for under $20 each. The blade is 12″ (30cm)  with 12 teeth per inch.