Vetiver in the kitchen garden.

I've created a series of beds and pathways hedged with Vetiver for cut and drop mulching.
This is the sub-tropics under irrigation in an urban environment.
 There are tomatoes, beans, zucchini, chillies, paw paw, spring onions, Yac√≥n, various spinaches, okra, potatoes, Cassava, Sweet Corn, and next season's pigeon peas in there.
The Vetiver may look like a paddock of the stuff, but there is growing space within for other plants.
Sweet pepppers, parsely, Bulb Fennel, climbing squashes like Chayote (choko) and Bottle Gourd ( Lauki) and Snake Gourd.
Obviously, a lot of the space is in semi shade but all that does is slow down the Vetiver.
In sunnier spots I'm experimenting with growing Vetiver in conjunction with Nopales -- Prickly Pear.
This is on Beachmere sand.  

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